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A group of concerned residents from Fredericksburg, Texas formed a local volunteer organization “Clean Water Fred” to complete a citizen’s led petition gathering hundreds of signatures that has resulted in a special City Charter Amendment election this November.  Clean Water Fred is excited to bring the choice for safe, healthy water to the people.  A Vote of YES this November 5th will halt the addition of industrial fluoride to the city water supply.  

Jeannette Hormuth, a long-time resident of Fredericksburg and mother of two sons, believes that many people would be surprised to learn that the fluoridation chemicals added to city water supplies are actually unprocessed INDUSTRIAL WASTE.  In addition to fluoride, it also contains arsenic, lead and other contaminants. This industrial “fluoride” is not the same fluoride found in toothpaste.  It is hydrofluorosilicic acid (a by-product of the phosphate fertilizer industry) which the FDA has NOT approved as a drug to prevent cavities.  Jeannette said, “It is an EPA labeled hazardous waste that is prohibited from being dumped in rivers, lakes, landfills or rivers.  Why are we putting this in our city supplied drinking water?  Hundreds of scientific studies show that fluoride has negative effects on the thyroid, bones, kidney, brain and other organs.  We should not be ingesting this chemical!”

It was during the spring of 2018, upon Jeannette Hormuth’s doctor’s orders, to eliminate all sources of fluoride due to issues with her thyroid, that Jeannette contacted the City of Fredericksburg Water Department to find out if they fluoridated the water.  She learned that the pumps were shut down for 6 months due to the corrosive nature of the chemicals.  The City had purchased all new equipment and was poised to start adding the fluoridation chemicals back into the water supply.  Jeannette remembers, “I couldn’t understand why the City had not reexamined this outdated practice and looked into more recent research, or at least had a public discussion.”  Word got out, and many citizens gathered before the council to voice their concerns and desire that this not be put back in the water.  Ultimately, the City turned on the pumps and the fluoridation began again.  

So “Clean Water Fred” was born, a local coalition of citizens striving to stop the addition of industrial fluoride into the city water supply.  Padraig O’Hara, a descendant of some of the earliest immigrants to settle in Fredericksburg, says “When I first learned about water fluoridation at college in San Marcos,  I was hopeless for a solution.  This archaic form of mass medication is utterly ludicrous and unethical. It violates our right to informed consent. Not only that, but the fluoridation chemical is contaminated with arsenic and lead. Why are we intentionally subjecting ourselves to these toxins?”  San Marcos voters voted to take the fluoridation chemicals out of their city water supply in November 2015.  The momentum is on as Texas cities like College Station (pop. 100,000), San Marcos (pop. 44,894), Alamo Heights (pop. 7,470), Buda (pop. 7,295), and Lago Vista (pop. 6,500) have rejected fluoridation.

The effect of fluoride on young children is Fredricksburg resident and veteran teacher Maureen Driscoll’s concern.  Maureen said, “I tell mothers ‘Do not mix baby formula with tap water.’  They are exposing their infants to 200 times more fluoride than what is in the mother’s milk.”  The Lancet Neurology has classified fluoride as 1 of 12 industrial chemicals known to be neurotoxins.

Robert Phoenix, a new resident and member of Clean Water Fred believes that fluoridation should be a choice, not a mandate.  Robert said “People have the right to decide what chemicals go into their bodies. Informed consent is, in fact, one of the main reasons 97% of Western Europe has banned fluoridation.  There is no difference in the rates of tooth decay between unfluoridated vs fluoridated countries.  Fluoridating Fredericksburg’s water is an unnecessary cost to taxpayers of thousands of dollars per year in ongoing costs.  Everyone should encourage all of their neighbors and friends to Vote YES! on the City Charter Amendment this November 5th for Safe, Healthy, Fluoride-Free Water so we all can have better health and better lives.”  For more information visit or


Jeannette Hormuth, Press Coordinator, Fredericksburg Resident, CLEAN WATER FRED

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Padraig O’Hara, Fredericksburg Native, CLEAN WATER FRED

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Maureen Driscoll, Fredericksburg Resident and Veteran School Teacher, CLEAN WATER FRED

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Robert Phoenix, Fredericksburg Resident, CLEAN WATER FRED

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Who We Are

We are a local community coalition, comprised of parents, health practitioners, and environmentally aware citizens dedicated to halting the addition of industrial grade fluoride chemicals  (hydrofluorosilicic acid) into the City of Fredericksburg’s water supply. We have acquired enough signatures of registered voters to amend the city charter through a ballot initiative.  Therefore this measure will be on the ballot for a special election on November 5th, 2019. This gives the citizens of Fredericksburg the opportunity to vote to stop adding industrial grade fluoride  (a unprocessed waste by product of the fertilizer factories) to our municipal water for the health and well-being of our community.  We are a non-partisan group and not affiliated with any political party.

A Citizen Makes A Logical “Choice” Against Fluoridation

Our good friend Mo Saidi came to our ballot celebration and shared how he came to a logical conclusion that our water should not be fluoridated, especially without our consent.

The Fluoride Free Wave In Texas

Cities across Texas are shutting down their fluoride pumps. People in the Lone Star State are becoming more aware of the dangers of industrial grade fluoride. The awareness is also part of a great awakening, where people are looking to participate more in local government to make sure that it represents the needs and choices of the community. Some of the cities in Texas that have ceased fluoridation include; College Station, Elgin, San Marcos, Buda, Kyle and Lago Vista. Please join us in doing the same in Fredericksburg. You can also email us: